Mrs. Jill Winkle Named as O.R. Baker Elementary Teacher of the Year

We are proud to announce Mrs. Jill Winkle as the 2019-20 Baker Elementary Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Winkle works as a Reading Recovery teacher at Baker and has been employed by  Randolph Central School Corporation for 16 years. This was awarded after being nominated by several of her peers. Some notable quotes from the nominations include:

"Jill is wonderful! She is a very strong advocate for her fellow professionals, working hard to help keep things fair, doable, and helping to make sure her peers' voices are heard as professionals, willing to work hard, but also hoping for expectations to be kept reasonable."
"Jill is passionate about education and advocating for ALL children to be successful! She is a teacher leader at our school and has the respect of our teaching and support staff."

"I admire Jill, and truly respect her ability to help even the most challenging readers to make progress from the beginning of her instruction, to the time of ending their Reading Recovery time with her, and beyond. She's a wonderful teacher, with a very caring heart."

In addition to enriching student lives by giving them 1:1 reading instruction, Mrs. Winkle works to organize many events for students throughout the year. More notably The Gift of Reading, a reading event that takes place each December involving staff, students, and many community members. She also is a member of the school’s PRIDE committee and helps to plan and implement all aspects of the program, including convocations and positive behavior supports within the building. Mrs. Winkle also serves as co-president of the Randolph Central Classroom Teachers Association, a role that allows her to advocate for educators and students alike. 

Mrs. Winkle sets a positive example for students in and out of school and is often found helping other teachers, volunteering through church, and asking, “How can we solve this?” She herself is a lifelong learner, devoting much of her time to the continual improvement of her craft. She has served 100’s of students in Randolph County during her time at Baker, and we could not be more proud of the work that she has done. 

Congratulations, Mrs. Winkle!