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Academic News
Reading:  This week we will be exploring space.  We will read stories in reading, as well some in Science.  
Story:  Exploring Space with an Astronaut pg. 58-71
A Trip to Space Camp pg. 76-79
           Vocabulary:  everywhere, move, world, live, woman, machines, work
Skills:  main idea and details
Spelling:  Long vowels 
Your child’s words are glued in the agenda book, there will be a test on Friday.
Language: We will be doing DLR (Daily Language Review) and introducing subjects.
Math:  We will be finishing topic 1, Understanding addition and subtraction.  We will continue with addition fact practice and have a test over Topic 1 at the end of the week.
Science:  We will begin in our Science workbooks with chapter 1, learning about scientist and how they observe and find answers to questions. 
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