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Winchester, Indiana
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Books, books and more books!

Each student at Baker visits the Library/Media Center two times every six school days.  The classes rotate in a six day "specials" rotation in which they come to the library to get a new book, return the one they finished reading and work at stations.  Each classroom also has a computer time in which they learn all about how to use computers to enhance their educational experience at Baker.

Library/Media Schedule
Day One for Library checkout


Mrs. Rose
9:20-9:50 Mrs. Simmons
10:10-10:40Mrs. Shoemaker
12:40-1:10Mrs. Coats
12:40-1:10Mrs. Winkle
2:00-2:30 Mrs. Steveson

Day Two Check Out library books


Mrs. Riddle
9:20-10:00 Mrs. Gardner
10:10-10:40Mrs. Gates
12:40-1:10Mrs. Scott
1:20-1:50Mrs. Laux
2:00-2:30 Mrs. Morrison


Day 3 Media (Computers)
8:30-9:10Mrs. Riddle
9:20-10:00Mrs. Rose
10:10-10:40Mrs. Steveson
12:00-12:30Mrs. Horner
12:40-1:10Mrs. Shoemaker
1:20-1:50Mrs. Winkle


Day 4 Media (Computers)


Mrs. Rose
9:20-9:50Mrs. Simmons
10:10-10:40Mrs. Shoemaker
12:40-1:10Mrs. Coats
1:20-1:50Mrs. Winkle
2:00-2:30 Mrs. Steveson

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