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Weekly Newsletter


Mrs. Coats'

                  First Grade News

May 11, 2015

Dear Parents,

Hello! It is our Field Trip week!!! Woot!!! I am looking SO forward to a day of fun exploration and just a “celebration” of a very successful school year :) :) :)  I do want to give parents who wish to go with us a heads up…. We will need for many of you to drive behind the buses, due to a limitation in seating and the GREAT response we’ve had from parents who’ve volunteered to go with us!  If you absolutely need to ride the bus, please send a note indicating this….otherwise, we may be asking you to drive, and carpooling together would be great.  We are looking forward to an extremely fun and educational day of First Grade Memory-making!!!  Please remember your child’s sack lunch (unless you’ve indicated you’ll need one provided by the cafeteria), and one for yourself if you are going with us.  Also, make sure your child is dressed comfortably for the day of hands-on Science exploration :)

We will be reading, “Dot and Jabber and the Great Acorn Mystery”, as well as related, leveled readers. “Question of the Week” is: “How do we solve mysteries?”  We’ll work on vowel sound in foot (book, cook), adding endings(to root words), and Compare and Contrast. Our Amazing Words are:  explanation, wonder, encouragingly, suspects, riddle, confused, and case.  We will begin the  Written Word Wall Word end-of-the-year Assessment.  We will be finishing up Running Records—LLI, Level I, our end-of-First-Grade Benchmark Reading Assessment. 

In Math, we will continue with Topic 11 :  “Subtracting with Tens and Ones” (1.NBT.6) Some of our lessons will be:  Problem Solving/Drawing Pictures and Writing a Number Sentence, then review and assess.  Our Final Topic for the year, will be Topic 16:  “Fractions of Shapes”.  We will begin this Topic the latter part of the week.

In Science, our Scholastic News (Weekly Readers) will cover “Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees”.  We will begin Chapter 4 in Science:  “How is Soil Made?”

Our Specials’ Schedule this week is as follows:  Monday: Day 2: Art, Tuesday:  Day 3:  P.E., Wednesday, Day 4 :  Media, Thursday, Day 5 :  Music, and Friday, Day 6: Keyboard(We will be on our Field Trip).  Next Monday will be Day 1:  C.O.

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*******April 7-9th—Grandparents’ Week (in afternoon)—Tuesday, April 7—Kindergarten, Wednesday, April 8—FIRST GRADE, Thursday, April 9—Second Grade (1:30-2:15 pm–-NOTE CHANGE)****** (IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR CHILD TO GO HOME WITH HIS/HER GRANDPARENT…PLEASE SEND A NOTE TELLING ME SO!!!—THANKS MUCH!!!)

Thurs., Apr. 9—P.T.C. mtg at Willard—5 p.m.

Fri., Apr. 17—Art Fair Auction Pick Up @ Willard

Wed., Apr. 22—Midterms sent home

Thurs., Apr. 23—Parent Meeting for 2015/16 Kindergarten parents

Thurs., May 7—Muffins for Moms




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